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Pittsburgh Technical College has been where knowledge meets know-how for 75 years (they celebrate their 75th Birthday in 2021). They are a non-profit college offering two-year degrees, four-year degrees, and certificate programs minutes away from downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Their focus on hands-on education and immersive curricula has stayed consistent throughout their existence and as they continue to grow as an institution.

Celsius’ longstanding and collaborative relationship with PTC involves hundreds of email marketing campaigns ranging from newsletters, campus updates, automated email campaigns, and much more. These emails have been sent to a variety of audiences including potential students, current students, alumni, employees, and PTC supporters.

Gold EduAd Award Winner

Pittsburgh Technical College Email Marketing Campaign


Our ongoing objective is to constantly nurture PTC’s database of potential students by sending one-off email campaigns and the execution of ongoing email campaigns spanning the course of several months. These email campaigns are intended to push actions like campus visits and applications; both crucial to the enrollment funnel at PTC.


Monthly Email Campaigns are planned out quarterly and include one-off email sends for certain events, and contain hyper-targeted emails to audiences based on email engagement data or audiences we know we have to get in front of that month. These can include emails letting potential students know about upcoming class starts, financial aid deadlines and more. 

Ongoing email campaigns were built out and are constantly maintained. It starts with a connection to PTC’s lead management system through our third party email vendor, and emails flow through a strategic order of informational emails, that include supporting call-to-actions such as applying to PTC or scheduling a visit.

Stellar creative is used in every email. We incorporate eye catching imagery, iconography, and weave in PTC’s bright and fresh brand colors. Call-to-actions throughout the email contain vibrant colors to entice clicks by the reader. We also design mobile-first which counts for more than half of where PTC’s users consume their emails, media, and more.

PTC’s casual and direct brand voice is used when piecing together the messages that make up their emails. We always start with thinking of who our audience will be and let the copy form itself. Certain campaigns also include collaboration and suggestions from PTC staff.

Key Outcomes

PTC website traffic from the emails Celsius deployed has increased 80% from 2018-2019 to 2020-2021! We are continuously working to surpass email engagement stats and to send out-of-the-box email creative.

Several of these campaigns also received a Gold Award for the 36th Annual Education Advertising Awards in 2020.

Pittsburgh Technical College is a shining example of what a collaborative and result-focused Agency/Client relationship can be and Celsius is grateful for their partnership.

During PTC’s 4th President’s Inauguration Celebration, Celsius worked tirelessly alongside the event organizers to create and deploy emails that looked almost exactly like the formal invitations to be mailed out to recipients directly. These emails were well-received, and the President appreciated the hard work and dedication to the project that Celsius team members demonstrated. 

Using innovative HTML solutions and clever coding techniques, Celsius has endeavored to design emails that are beautiful, accessible, and—most important of all—deliverable. Celsius maintains an email delivery success rate of over 95%, leaving no stone unturned in optimizing and maximizing the delivery of messages to their intended audiences.

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