What we make here at Celsius isn’t just about a new campaign plastered on the airwaves or a set of metrics ticking up and down.

What we do is we tell stories. We solve problems. And we get results. That’s what drives us and gets us up every day – to work with you to make innovative, breath-taking moves in your industry. Big or small challenges, our award-winning team leverages decades of combined experience to fuel marketing efforts with our clients’ business goals. We excel creatively, find solutions, and answer to the business results.


We live in a digital world. No, not like a simulation. Well, maybe not… The fact remains that as of January 2021, there were over 4 billion active internet users, with over 90% accessing the internet via mobile devices. You need to join the mobile world, too. We’ll help you capture the attention of prospects, take them on a buyer’s journey, and turn them into loyal customers.

Agency Director Nancy Monteith and CEO JP Smith discussing digital ad placement.
Images of a landing page designed and hosted for a client.


Do you know the best place to hide something if you never want it found? On the second page of a search engine result. If you’re not investing in search engine optimization and web design, you’ll get lost in the noise. Our interactive media team is skilled in developing websites, landing pages, web advertising, organic and paid search optimization strategies, keyword bidding, data capture, and reporting. They’re magicians you want working for you, not against you.


Behind every poster, digital ad, or billboard you’ve seen, there’s been a designer agonizing over what font to use, or what color palettes are in right now. Behind every social media video or TV commercial, there’s been a video production team deliberating the right shot, or chasing down wandering extras. Our creative team designs impactful, memorable, and unique messaging for every project.

Still frame of a video produced for a client's new music production program, featuring live action, motion graphics, and animation.
Close-up of a studio camera shooting an actor on set.


Video storytelling is one of the most impactful tools a marketer can use. A video on your landing page can increase conversion by 80% and 59% of executives said they would rather watch a video than read text. But to be truly effective, your video must have a compelling story to tell. Emotional and humorous videos are the ones most often shared. And with our multimedia storytelling, you’ll be counting leads long before you’re counting sheep.

Branded Spaces

The expression of a brand doesn’t end with a logo, website, ads and marketing materials. It should be lived out at every level of engagement including the place where your business lives.  From offices to campus buildings, and more, we invigorate your environment with captivating designs and brand-centric messages that not only engage and inform, but attract talent, customers and even increase productivity. So, yeeeaaah, if you could make sure you just go ahead and do that from now on that would be greeeaaat.

ISU Department of Kinesiology wall graphics and environmental design.
Recipient reading an email designed by Celsius Marketing | Interactive for a client on their phone.

Inbound Marketing

Do you want a prospect to half-heartedly look at your company name in a sea of other search results, or do you want to build a meaningful, lasting relationship with your audience? Let’s invite them into your story. At Celsius | Marketing Interactive, we focus on pulling people IN to your business and brand. Uniting the powers of SEO, blogs, social media, video, lead nurturing, and more, we help your business align with your customer in an impactful and engaging way.


With all this talk behind a screen, it’s important to never forget all the channels you can reach offline. Traditional media is not dead; it has just changed. Other mediums can complement your voice. No single marketing channel guarantees success, so let’s use the best of both worlds to reach your target audience. Our experience in planning and placing both traditional and interactive media means they’ll work in tandem for optimal exposure.

Poster designed for a client and displayed on the street.
Social graphics designed and published for a client and featured on mobile.


Scrolling, scrolling, scrolling. We’re scrolling social media for an average of over 2 hours every day. What’s going to catch someone’s eye as their thumb is about to scroll past yet another post? Social media is a powerful communication tool that has a significant impact on organizational and professional reputations. We help you create and manage a social media strategy that will provide you with a platform to effectively communicate and engage with prospective and current customers.

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