Our Story Starts with a Dream; One Man, with a Dream.

Creatives. Digital Strategists. Results Specialists. Animal Lovers.

Our story starts with a dream; one man, with a dream. Fueled by unwavering passion and encouragement from his peers, JP began molding what you see today — a collective of creatives, digital strategists, results specialists, animal lovers, and all-around compassionate people with a deep curiosity to find out what makes people and brands tick. It’s our job to give a damn about the details, a job we do well and take seriously.

We want to know who you are, why you do what you do, and how you’ve been doing it — what’s your story? Now that we know, does your audience know? Is your story compelling? Does it incite action? Does it inspire? Whether you want to believe it or not, the world runs on relationships, and helping you establish, nurture and maintain loyal relationships with your audience is a key focus.

Photo of CEO and founder JP Smith, standing in front of the Celsius logo in the front lobby.

You won't find any cookie-cutter, one-size fits all approach here.

You’re unique, your needs are unique, and your budget is unique. Let’s pull up a chair, spend a little time together, and figure out the solutions we can bring to the table to give you the absolute best bang for your buck.

Our philosophy is built on this understanding.
A different degree of thinking–that’s what works!

Some Quick Stats and Core Values

We thrive on collaboration and innovation, because if you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backwards.

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We offer more than 60 years of combined marketing experience, and over 30 years in the higher learning market space.

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We celebrate individuals but believe in the power of people with a shared vision.

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We’ll tell you what you need to hear, which may not always be what you want to hear, because we care too much to let your company or brand stay where it’s at.

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Clicks, visits, registrations, sales, that beautiful sound of your profits increasing — we can blow you away with our creative all day, but if it’s not helping your bottom line, our job isn’t done, and we won’t rest ‘til it is.

Members of the Account Executive team brainstorming ideas for a client.

A Different Degree of What Now?

You may hear us say we operate with a “different degree of thinking.” Great tagline, but what does that really mean? It’s a philosophy we live by. We aren’t just thinking about how to solve your immediate problem, we’re thinking about two and three steps down the road — things that may not even be on your radar yet. We’re data-driven and creatively fueled; our talented crew puts it all on the table, working hard so you won’t have to. We take the position of being your revenue-generating partner seriously.

Ready for a Different Degree of Thinking?