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Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design (RMCAD) is where creativity comes to life. With a beautiful, historic campus located in Denver, Colorado, as well as their online degree programs, RMCAD has been transforming artistic talent into careers since 1963.

Over the years, we’ve collaborated with RMCAD to share their incredible story of educating, guiding, and encouraging their student’s artistic journey. However, our goal was to add an entirely new level of energy, complexity, and imagination.  We wanted to really push the limits and truly capture the message of “where creativity comes to life”.

RMCAD skateboard graphic design
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RMCAD’s media content previously primarily showcased student life, classrooms, technology, and some collaboration. The biggest challenge was the media did not match RMCAD’s imaginative narrative. The goal was to get students excited to take the big step toward their future career in the creative entertainment industry.


The Creative Vision campaign was our opportunity to showcase RMCAD’s education and culture by injecting color, creativity, and exciting animated visuals to symbolize the feeling of the excitement of an artistic education journey and career. After all, that’s where creativity comes to life, right?

The RMCAD team was beyond excited and ready for a campaign that takes the brand to a new creative level. Each spot had unique visual aesthetics in the motion graphics and animation to represent the degree programs individually.

Screen grab from RMCAD general programs video
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RMCAD music production video screenshot
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RMCAD Photography & Fine Art video screen grab
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RMCAD online music production program video screen grab
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RMCAD Animation program video screen grab
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For example, to showcase RMCAD’s Animation program we featured a RMCAD student as he’s transformed into a sketch becoming the hero in his own story battling a fire breathing dragon. This shows off the 2d/3d animation process beautifully in an engaging way.

For their Game Art degree program, we get to jump from a first-person sci-fi protagonist to spaceship shooter flying out of a computer monitor seeing students collaborating on their next game.

The Creative Vision campaign also included a spot that showcased an elaborate montage through a whimsical visual montage between the artistic disciplines. We emphasized student diversity and interaction with other programs. 

The campaign focused on the most exciting part of being a creative person. Creating.

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Key Outcomes

Campaign execution and implementation included a variety of media and marketing channels from social media campaigns, various digital ad campaigns, digital streaming ad campaigns, etc.

It successfully lifted their brand image increasing prospective student interest in studying at RMCAD. They experienced lead growth of over 125% and the College has also experienced 40%+ increase in student population.

The Creative Vision Campaign also won Silver Telly awards, Gold Educational Advertising awards, Gold Addy awards, as well as a Best of Film, Video & Sound Addy award.

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