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Sunstate Academy is a legacy client at Celsius Marketing Interactive and the partnership has grown to include most of the services we offer including Digital Marketing, Website Creation & Management, Social Media Management, Media Buying, Creative Services, Email Marketing, and Multimedia Creation.

Sunstate Academy was established in 1988 in Fort Myers, Florida, and has been devoted to putting people to work with the practical training and real-world skills they need to gain employment in the Beauty & Wellness industry. They are a part of the Compass Rose Foundation, a nonprofit corporation serving the state of Florida for over 70 years. Sunstate offers their students an immersive experience in the world of beauty, and they encourage their students to live outside the box and to not take themselves seriously, a suggestion that Sunstate Academy proudly follows themselves.

Staying current and on top of the latest trends is a must in the Beauty and Wellness industry, and Sunstate Academy strives to be on the forefront. While the previous strategy continued to meet Sunstate’s overall goal of lead generation it needed fine tuning to continue to stay current and in touch with their audience. A creative strategy was implemented into digital areas of their marketing efforts to continue to increase brand awareness and lead generation.

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Sunstate Academy Marketing Campaign: “Get in, Get Out, Get Licensed. Go to Work.”

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Sunstate Academy Website

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Sunstate Academy Digital Campaign


The objective was to increase the use of animation and videography into most Sunstate-owned digital components. Sunstate’s brand is fun, quirky, bright, and energetic, and static imagery can only take their brand so far. The use of animated elements and dynamic imagery will elevate their already vibrant branding and connect with their audience.


There were a few opportunities to implement animation and videography into Sunstate’s digital components such as organic social media, paid social media advertising, and email marketing.

Animated paid and organic content was developed to help Sunstate Academy stand out on relevant social media platforms to further enhance their brand and programs. Vibrant and colorful animated social content was created for both the paid and organic avenues, further increasing brand awareness and click through opportunities for increased lead conversion rates. Animated graphics tell a story that keeps a lead engaged to keep watching and further increase their curiosity to learn more.

Sunstate Academy Barber Styling & Cosmetology Instagram animation
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Sunstate Academy Spa Therapies Instagram animation
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Sunstate Academy Nail lTech Instagram animation
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Sunstate Academy Cosmetology Instagram animation
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Sunstate Academy Barber Styling Instagram animation
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Celsius Marketing Interactive developed unique interactive graphics to correlate with a strategic email marketing campaign that would not only be attention-grabbing but promote more opportunities to increase the open and click rate. For example, to showcase where a lead is in their enrollment process, Celsius implemented an animated and personalized 3-D progress tracker that shows where the user is in the enrollment process. This element provided more urgency and another distinctive call to action.

To further increase Sunstate’s appearance in correlation to Instagram’s algorithm, engaging stories were implemented to connect with their followers, and increase the chance of Sunstate appearing at the top of their Instagram home page every time the app is used. This also increased Sunstate’s likelihood of appearing in the “For You”/ “Search” page. Celsius Marketing Interactive created themed stories such as “this or that”, trivia questions, student “day in the life” reels, and showcased the students work in action.

Sunstate Academy IG story
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Key Outcomes

The animated social content for both paid and organic contributed to 362 leads in a span of nine months. The elevated Instagram stories successfully increased their social media engagement rate by 38%. Over the course of four months of implementing the stories, Sunstate’s followers increased at a growth rate of 9.4%. Lastly, the emails containing the animated progress tracker had an overall open rate of 33.4%.

The Celsius Marketing team is thrilled and honored to be working with Sunstate Academy to expand their brand and help the institution grow more than they already have.

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