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Wicked Dolphin is a family-run, award-winning craft spirit distillery located in Cape Coral, Florida, specializing in rum. Only mere miles from Florida’s sugar cane fields, they truly embody their vision of a true “Florida rum” by sourcing local ingredients and distilling their spirits in small batches. Guests at Wicked Dolphin are not only able to purchase a variety of specialty rums and spirits, they are also able to take free tours of the distillery and purchase from a wide range of brand merchandise.

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When we met with the owner, one of the biggest challenges that she faced was finding an agency that could bring her vision to life and “elevate” their brand. And so we had our mission…

Wicked Dolphin 30 second sizzle video
Play Video about Wicked Dolphin 30 second sizzle video


To elevate the brand, we invested long hours in defining what the Wicked Dolphin brand experience is while experimenting with various design aesthetics. A trip to the distillery and a little tasting of rum was in order. What became of that is now Wicked Dolphin’s signature key visual that features rum bottles enveloped by a dolphin made out of liquid.

We also wanted to highlight the lifestyle aspects of the brand. In order to achieve that, we used photography that showed friends enjoying drinks, but also visual nods to Florida that embodies who they are.

Moreover, the Celsius Marketing team designed a new website that has various interactive elements including our magical “splash dolphin”. When creating the website, it was crucial not only to revamp the site to be fun and interactive, but for it to be functionable for the user.

The website includes pages that allow the user to view the details of their spirits, book a tour at the distillery, search for locations Wicked Dolphin is available, and purchase merchandise right from the website. In addition, the website development team created a custom post type that allows for easy posting of recipes created with Wicked Dolphin products that is searchable by their spirit types and flavors. This allows the user to search for cocktail recipes specifically tailored to the spirit they purchased.

Our team also held a video and photography production shoot on-site at Wicked Dolphin. The team worked hard to capture the resources needed to showcase their brand and to conduct interviews with the folks who live and breathe the Wicked Dolphin brand. In post production, we created cocktail recipe videos, a “sizzle” video, as well as an interview-style video telling their story.

Wicked Dolphin story video
Play Video about Wicked Dolphin story video
Wicked Dolphin hurricane recipe video
Play Video about Wicked Dolphin hurricane recipe video

Key Outcomes

Through our brand strategy, consumers can immerse themselves in the Florida lifestyle of Wicked Dolphin spirits. Over the years, our partnership with Wicked Dolphin has helped elevate their brand to their desired standard. Wicked Dolphin has achieved a nearly 200% increase in sales and is expanding their brand and reach throughout the United States.

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