A Sign of the “Virtual” Times

Celsius Virtual Happy Hour

The COVID-19 virus pandemic has certainly made an impact across the globe. It has dramatically changed the lives of so many.

With that, we have all seen and experienced a massive shift to the virtual world…GoTo Meetings, Zoom gatherings with family and friends, virtual classrooms, and the list goes on.

While it has been mixture of business as usual here at Celsius, combined with assisting our clients respond to the pandemic, we were sure to still find time to connect and socialize as a team.

An important part of our culture is to be a family that stays connected and that cuts loose a bit with one another. So, in the wake of circumstances, a virtual happy hour was in order.

While we stay focused on the importance of the impact of COVID-19, we also are committed to keeping our culture alive and well. As they say: work hard, play hard. Cheers! 🙂

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