Essential Career Training meets Cutting-Edge Web Design

JTECH website showcase

Jones Technical Institute (or J-Tech) is a driving force in trades training. They were ready for a website facelift. We delivered. With jaw-dropping imagery and motivational messaging, Celsius Marketing Interactive launched the “Trades Revolution” campaign for J-Tech in 2022. This aesthetic naturally extended itself into the direction of J-Tech’s new site. This website is as […]

A new website for Caris College, stat!


Paging Dr. Celsius… we need a new website for Caris College, stat! Introducing a newly designed website by the creative geniuses at Celsius Marketing: Caris College. This career college is located in Jeffersonville, Indiana, and offers patient care career education with programs in medical assisting, dental assisting, veterinary assisting, and more. The new website for […]

Forged PCs Website Launch

Forging websites forging sales

Computing… a Forged PCs Website Launch! This website has all the components and parts to make for one great setup. Check it out here. And if you’re in the market for a custom gaming PC, contact Forged PCs 🙌 Our Mission When designing the new website for Forged PCs, we wanted to showcase how cool […]

An Elevated Branding & Design Approach

elevate academy brand launch

What’s the worst possible way you could start off a new company or endeavor?  With boilerplate, ugly branding. Want to just throw a globe or an abstract human form next to some haphazardly laid out type? Throw in some empty platitudes in your copy? Congrats – you look completely generic and forgettable. We don’t do […]

Real Estate Company Launches New Logo & Website

cash for iowa homes website launch

The real estate market in 2022 is HOT!  And so, we introduce to you our hottest new website design & development project and launch… Our Mission To create a brand identity and website for this Iowa-based family-owned real estate company who has purchased hundreds of homes around central Iowa. They buy all types of homes […]

Park City Culinary Website Launch Blog

park city culinary institute website launch

One fresh new website, straight out of the creative kitchen, and cooked to perfection! We’re proud to present our latest creation – a brand-new website for our client Park City Culinary Institute. After we gave them just a taste of what we’re capable of by creating landing pages for their classes, they were hungry for […]

Tyson Eye Website Launch

Tyson Eye Website Launch

Look out! We launched another award-worthy website, and this one you’ll have to “see” to believe! We have proudly designed a new website for our client, Tyson Eye. The focus of the website redesign was to update the look and functionality of the site in order to provide a more visually appealing and user-friendly experience. […]

EverAfter Website Launch

everafter website launch

We’re excited to announce that we have completed another great website project! Our team recently partnered with the company, EverAfter, a personalized, one-of-a-kind, pet memorial service that extracts the molecular makeup of your pet’s ashes to create one-of-a-kind artwork. Not a painting, this process takes high-resolution digital images of microscopic crystals that are formed from […]

Tidewater Tech Website Launch

tidewater tech website launch

We have done it again; we have successfully completed another beautifully designed website.  Should we say that this time we raised the bar or the tide? Puns aside, the new, redesigned Tidewater Tech website is live and running. As always, when designing a website, we focus not only on design but on functionality. Located in […]

We traveled back in time—To Machu Picchu!

we traveled back in time... to machu picchu

The Celsius Marketing Interactive team hopped on a time machine and traveled back in time to 1450, Peru, to create a historic and interactive museum exhibition microsite. The Machu Picchu landing page was created in partnership with World Heritage Exhibitions for the immersive museum adventure that will transport visitors to the jewel of the only […]

Interactive College of Technology Website Launch

ICT Website launch

When a student begins to think of where they want to continue their educational journey after high school or later in life as a career changer, it is important to paint the picture of what that life could be like. That is why Celsius Marketing is excited to announce the launch of a new website […]

Summit College Website Launch

Summit College Website Launch

Celsius Marketing | Interactive is excited to announce the launch of Summit College’s newly redesigned website. Located in California, Summit College has been providing quality education to students seeking a new path since 1991.  When approaching the redesign project, there were a couple of core goals.  The first was to give their logo and brand a refresh.  […]