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park city culinary institute website launch

One fresh new website, straight out of the creative kitchen, and cooked to perfection! We’re proud to present our latest creation – a brand-new website for our client Park City Culinary Institute.

After we gave them just a taste of what we’re capable of by creating landing pages for their classes, they were hungry for more. We were tasked with creating a whole new site for this culinary school. To give you the inside scoop on our creative process, let’s hear from the lead designer for this project, Kate.

What high level changes were made to improve the site?

One of our main goals for the new Park City Culinary Institute website was to improve the viewing and reading experience, especially on mobile. Not only has the information been made clear and easy to read, but it has also become a fun and interactive adventure. The Institute’s ingredients to success have been laid out like a recipe, leaning into the culinary theme with clever phrasing and the occasional pun. We’ve also ensured that the most important information remains front and center throughout the site, and that helpful buttons and navigation will guide the viewers to the answers they seek.

Is there any part in particular that the team focused on the most?

While improving the appearance, navigation, and responsiveness of the site remained key focuses, one additional focus for this particular site was to add dynamic features that would update the information based on the viewer’s location or navigation. For example, the class schedules will automatically change to match the viewer’s time zone, and special additions highlight the Park City location for event services.

What are you or the team most proud of about this new site?

One of the things we’re most proud of regarding this site is how slick and cool it is to view. Entrance animations, scrolling effects, a modern dark mode design, and sketchy illustrations and iconography give this website a fun, clean, and interactive identity that evokes the enjoyable, hands-on experience of learning to cook and bake at Park City Culinary Institute.

If you could describe the site in two adjectives, what would they be?

The two adjectives I would use to describe the new Park City Culinary Institute website are dynamic and crisp. Interactive and responsive design lead to a viewing experience that’s enjoyable on any screen, while fast page loading speeds and clean design keep that experience modern and fresh.

Make sure to check out Park City Culinary Institute’s new website!

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