Adobe Max Conference Takeaways

adobe max conference takeaways

The Adobe MAX Conference is an annual event that brings creatives and experts from all over together with the purpose of learning, sparking inspiration, and delivering a sense of community. With over 400 sessions, the attendees had plenty of creative knowledge to soak up and grow with. Our creative department had the opportunity to virtually attend the convention this year and expand their knowledge of Adobe MAX.

When asked about the conference, one of our graphic designers, Romina, had great reviews, we sat down with her to obtain her opinions and thoughts.

What are some of the new creative cloud updates that really piqued your interest?

There were many updates that not only piqued my interest but really impressed me! Among them, I would have to say the development and refinement of “neural filters” stand out. The ability to change the facial expressions of the stock models gives the designer the necessary control that drives the desired emotion/message behind each of their designs. This feature is still in its early stages and has quite a way to go, but through this conference, I saw advancements that I couldn’t even have imagined. Such as the ability to even change the position of the models’ bodies. It is truly astounding!

How do you think the Adobe Max Conference was beneficial to you as a creator?

This was my first year as a participant in the Adobe Max conference. The days I spent in this conference reignited the flame in me that burns through the boundaries of impossibility. It reminded me, as is sometimes needed, that there are always a million and one options. Whether that be in the method of completing a project, in the tools available to create your work, or in the people out there who are willing to teach you and share their own experience. Art and design are a collective sentiment that resides in the core of our humanity and relations. That’s why we love it so much.

As a Marketing Agency, it is always our goal to continue to learn and continue to innovate. Participating in conferences is an excellent opportunity to learn and evolve! If you’re looking for an agency with creatives ready to innovate your look, then feel free to contact us via email at or fill out our online contact form. And don’t forget to connect with us on FacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn!

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