Daytona College Gets A Brand New Look

Daytona College Website

We are honored to be partnered with Daytona College since 2013. Over the years we have enjoyed a number of successes together. Most recent, a brand refresh and a new website.

Celsius Marketing did build and design Daytona College’s previous website, but that was years ago. The times called for fresh new look and experience that focused on providing a better user experience and driving inquiries to the family-owned and operated institution founded in 1996.

We started with their logo. It was important to maintain their brand identity, but bring a refreshed feel with updated typography selections and a simplified starfish design. We then visited their color palette, again, maintaining true to who they are.

From there, we set out to tackle the website with a new mindset merged their brand tradition combined with a more current user experience. What followed was a more complete transition to their updated identity throughout their various channels and mediums.

We look forward to the future of Daytona College. Check it out:

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