Interactive College of Technology Website Launch

ICT Website launch

When a student begins to think of where they want to continue their educational journey after high school or later in life as a career changer, it is important to paint the picture of what that life could be like. That is why Celsius Marketing is excited to announce the launch of a new website project in partnership with the Interactive College of Technology (ICT).

ICT has been helping students prepare for their future for over 35 years. With 7 different campus locations across 3 states, ICT provides students with the opportunity to learn hands-on the skills they need to launch successful careers in fields such as Business, Technology, Commercial Refrigeration & HVAC, Healthcare, as well as a Vocational English as a Second Language program.

Take us Through the Project

Going into this project, the team knew there would have to be a full redesign. It had been several years since the website had been updated and therefore not taking advantage of how quickly technology advances with a high degree of consideration to modern web standards.

With that in mind, our team got right to work developing a design that was both functional and eye catching for the user. We asked our lead designer what was the main focus for the team when tackling this project?

Here is what he had to say: “We focused on creating a memorable experience on the home page and also on the program pages. These pages show what being a student at ICT is like, and what a prospective student can expect once they start attending”. 

This was a large site, and we’re very proud of our team’s effort to complete it in time and deliver a vibrant new website for ICT. 

One of the largest changes that were made to this site was the complete overhaul of the language and visuals used. To fit the goals of the project, we had to craft language that helped paint the picture of what it is like to attend ICT. Through a dynamic and engaging style, we were able to launch another successful website. 

We here at Celsius encourage you to explore Interactive College of Technology’s new website and experience the engaging and dynamic redesign for yourself. For all your website and marketing needs, contact us to schedule an introductory call and learn more about our services.

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