Save Santa’s Letters

Help Santa recover his letters and save Christmas

The developers at Celsius Marketing have created something kind of cool for Christmas this year! Save Santa’s Letters is an action-packed game that you can enjoy on your PC, mobile device or desktop.

This game doesn’t lack in holiday spirit but, beware of the naughty children and evil elves that try to ruin Christmas for the good boys and girls. In this narrative, the naughty children of the world have teamed up with some disgruntled elves and ran off with all the children’s letters to Santa. The bad elves use their elf magic to bring snowmen, toys, and treats to life. Sugar plum fairies are summoned to help defend them.

You can help Santa collect all the letters that were stolen so that he can carry out the Christmas tradition and deliver presents to the good children of the world! Once you have collected all the letters, you can then find Santa’s sleigh in order to help him complete his mission. Beware of black ice and giant gumdrops that will try and get in your way! Help Celsius (and Santa) save Christmas.

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