Summit College Website Launch

Summit College Website Launch

Celsius Marketing | Interactive is excited to announce the launch of Summit College’s newly redesigned website. Located in California, Summit College has been providing quality education to students seeking a new path since 1991. 

When approaching the redesign project, there were a couple of core goals.  The first was to give their logo and brand a refresh.  Modernizing the font selections and establishing a fresh color palette would set the stage for the new website.  Then tackling their brand messaging with “Rise Above” allowed Summit College to speak directly to their demographic with an aspirational and relatable tone.

Finally, addressing the lack of a clean layout combined with engaging visuals and animations would be a main focus in breathing new life into their brand and website.  We asked our Lead Designer on the project, Kate, to weigh in and share some insight into the creative direction taken by her and the team.

What high-level changes were made to improve the site?

One of the biggest changes was to clean up the presentation of content. In the site’s previous iteration, we noticed a lot of copy stacked on top of each other, with few breaks for imagery or visual rest. By reorganizing the content, breaking them down into discrete sections, paired with clear, personal imagery and descriptive icons, we were able to give the site’s viewers more agency to find the information they need without needing to read through a ton of copy.

Is there any part in particular that the team focused on the most?

One clear goal we had, in the beginning, was to ensure that the programs section received a lot of attention. We needed to ensure that the individual programs would look and sound attractive to potential students. This included rewriting the copy, updating the imagery, reorganizing the content, and refreshing each page’s appearance. With more casual, personal messaging, easy-to-read bullet points breaking down program objectives and career opportunities, all alongside clearly displayed Summit College students learning in their classrooms and labs. We wanted to ensure that potential students had a good idea of what they would be doing and learning while continuing to present a friendly, appealing environment.

What are you or the team most proud of about this new site?

The feature I’m most proud of on this new site is the homepage’s hero section slider. I was really drawn to the conceptualization of Summit College’s students transforming into successful career individuals, and I presented that idea as a drawing that transforms into an illustration, which then transforms into a photograph. The process of a loose, sketchy idea that realizes itself into a reality reflects the journey through which these people embark, from student to success story.

If you could describe the site in two adjectives, what would they be? 

The two adjectives I would use to describe the new Summit College website would be bright and dynamic. Our recent brand refresh gave us the ability to use brighter, fresher colors alongside cleaner fonts and logos, to better express them in a modern, digitally driven age. 

The team at Celsius encourages you to explore Summit College’s new site and experience the bright and dynamic redesign for yourself. For all your website and marketing needs, contact us to schedule an introductory call and learn more about our services.

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