Think Outside the Cereal Box

festive food for employee day

If you haven’t been talking about the eclipse – well then, you may be the only one! While some may have requested time off to take in the sights, the team at Celsius was hard at work (of course, taking a few minutes to step outside and take in the sight – hey, it is not going to happen again for another 7 years)!  Glasses were nearly impossible to come by, but in addition to the two pair we had, we were innovative (just like our business efforts) with fashioning our own cereal box glasses.

Our “outside of the cereal box” thinking doesn’t stop at eclipses. When it comes to marketing and advertising, we bring a fresh approach. We have decades of combined experience in making marketing work.  But we don’t just like to make it about what works and what doesn’t work, we make it about what matters: YOU. A different degree of thinking – that’s what works.

Ready for a Different Degree of Thinking?