What is GIF Engine Optimization?

The Changing Climate of Marketing

If you are looking to add value to your marketing strategy, knowing what GIF Engine Optimization is and how to use it can help. In the world of marketing, one must be adaptable to the rapid changing climate of the digital space. Over the years, communication on the web has surely changed with introductions of different communication styles such as emojis, stickers, memes, and GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format). GIFs are a way to say what you’re feeling with a four-second short video clip. We’ve seen their use increase on several social media platforms over the years. In this blog, we will do a quick overview of the concept of GIF Engine Optimization and its value to your business’ marketing strategy.

What is GIF Engine Optimization (GEO)?

GEO is very similar to every marketer’s favorite friend, SEO. The goal of SEO is to optimize the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine. Such as Google. GEO Is the process of creating and optimizing content to rank highly in organic search results on a GIF search engine. An example of a GIF search engine would be Tenor or GIPHY. Each of which has their own website and mobile keyboard apps which are now integrated with nearly every social media platform and popular messaging apps.

Tenor Keyboard Integration:
Giphy Search:

GEO is made up of a few key steps:

Always Remember the Goal:

The goal in GEO is to discover keywords that are meaningful to your brand that have medium-high search volumes and a low number of total GIFs so that your branded GIFs rank higher in organic search results on GIF search engines.

Keyword Research:

Research keywords relevant to your brand that have low competition and high search volumes.

  • A good way to start this process would be to search keywords and sort them into two categories
    • Keywords directly related to your product or service
    • Emotions directly associated with the effect of your product and/or service

Content Planning & Creation:

Plan and create your content to rank for specific keywords that are meaningful to your brand.Using long- tail keywords will help you find keywords that have lower competition thus a better opportunity for you to rank.  

  • Keep in mind that it’s important to make the contents of your GIF related to your target keywords.


Tag your GIFs with relevant keywords when uploading to your preferred GIF search engine. The optimal number of tags for the GIF search algorithm is 10.

What is the Value of GEO?

As a marketing channel, GIFs are very valuable. In the marketing industry, video content is the most effective. Although GIFs are very short, they are still videos built to relay a specific message. They don’t interrupt user experiences like many other ads but instead seem to flow into the consumers everyday conversations with ease. With over 10 billion GIFs used on a daily basis, it’s important to understand why making your GIFs stand out can help build brand awareness therefore adding value to your market strategy.

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