Top Tips for Increasing Organic Engagement on Social Media

Top Tips for Increasing Organic Engagement on Social Media

We all know how important it is to capture and keep the attention of our audience on social media but getting them to engage… well that’s another story. Lucky for you, we came up with some top tips to help you increase organic engagement on social media. Let’s start by going over what exactly engagement is.

What is Engagement and Why is it Important?

Engagement is when you are able to get your audience or reader to comment, share, like or interact on a social post. Having posts, videos or content, that make your demographic want to communicate with your business or company is crucial when it comes to engagement. You want to continue to spark the interest of your followers or “fans” as Facebook likes to call it. Every time someone interacts with your page or social media platform, awareness of your brand increases. Social media has the power to bring people together! So, when they like, share, or re-post, your content is going to be seen by a whole new audience. 

Top Tips for Engagement

  • The best way to get people to engage, is to create content they want to engage with in the first place! For example, sharing relevant articles, asking questions that spark conversation, or posting helpful tipsis usually a good start.
  • When the audience takes the time to reply, comment, share, like, etc., someone on your team should also be taking the time to respond to comments, questions, or inquiries.
  • Using polls on your Facebook page or Instagram story, is a great way to get viewers to participate and share their opinion.
  • Showcase highlights of your team, product, or business.
  • Come up with creative graphics that mesh with the overall theme of your brand/business, making sure that fonts and colors stay consistent.
  • There are many great tools that social media platforms allow you to utilize for your business. Be sure to take advantage of Instagram Reels or LinkedIn Live. Both of which are great ways to get your audience to see who you are or what you do, as a business.

Keeping the attention of your followers continues to be an important aspect when it comes to social media. With some creative content, intriguing polls, relevant Articles and interactive videos, you can work on increasing engagement! Now that we went over what engagement is and how important it is to your company and brand; do you think you can take it from here? If not, we’ve got social media gurus on our team that can help get your social media engagement up and running. Contact us today to learn more about what Celsius can do for you or we can let our work speak for itself! Check it out.

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