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We’re Celsius Marketing | Interactive, and we’re a bunch of good people who run on caffeine, petting dogs, and pure creativity. With our powers combined, our award-winning team digs deep to find out what makes people and brands tick, to craft engaging experiences, and bring home the bacon for our clients. We believe in ingenuity, solutions, and most importantly, results.

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Our Degrees of Service

Digital Marketing
& Advertising

No two clients are exactly alike; let us get to know you so we can leverage our combined backgrounds to strategize and formulate an effective plan to reach your goals.

SEO & Website

Content is king and can make or break your rankings and online presence. Our interactive media team works hand-in-hand with our SEO professionals to create custom solutions to meet your needs through responsive site design, organic and paid advertising, and search optimization.

Creative Design & Video Production

Don’t just be seen, be remembered through stimulating motion graphics and video or captivating photography with the power to connect and communicate with your audience.

Inbound Marketing

Utilizing SEO, blogs, social media, video, lead nurturing, and more, we help your business resonate with your audience and stand apart from the crowd.

Mixed Media Management

Our experience in planning and placing both traditional and interactive media means they’ll work in tandem for optimal exposure. Plus, the art of negotiation is in our blood. Trust us, we’ll maximize your budget.

Social Media

Now, more than ever, social media has become intertwined with our daily lives and can be a powerful communication tool to engage with your audience. We can help you create riveting content and manage social strategies that produce results.

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And Just Who Are We?

Culture? It’s more than just what’s in a yogurt. Our culture at Celsius is just as exciting, innovative, and doggone charming as our work. And our team embarks on artful adventures and emboldened expeditions into the world of creative marketing.

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We are excited to announce that our hard-working team has won multiple awards!

Multimedia & Video Production

A media editing window, a camera lens, an audio file, and media timeline editing elements

Multimedia & Video Production

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icon of a photography studio light
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A media editing window, a camera lens, an audio file, and media timeline editing elements
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Search Engine Optimization & Digital Marketing

Look down at your phone. Now look back at us. Now look back at your phone. You’ve got targeted ads. You didn’t even search anything. But it’s exactly what you want. What is this sorcery? Audiences and consumers want a customized experience with your brand. They want your story, and they want to feel part of it. Our team determines your brand’s visibility, reputation, and competition to help you engage in meaningful relationships with your audience that keeps them coming back for more.

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