Education Showcase: Using Video to Connect to High School Leads

If you’re in the education business, connecting with high school leads can have its challenges; using video to connect Not only do you need to speak and appeal to the high school student but also their parents or guardians.  In this education showcase, we will show you how one school created a video series to connect to high school leads to inform whilst also easing fears that potential students may have about enrolling.

A series of 5 episodes was created addressing various topics, featuring a young, friendly, approachable, and relatable host that connects with leads in a natural and organic way. Written in second-person point of view, at a high school grade comprehension level, the host is speaking directly to the future student and their parents. Any particular or more detailed information would be covered directly by the admissions representative. This is intended to be a “CliffsNotes” casual and natural approach to information that doesn’t feel overwhelming to these individuals.

The admissions team will have these videos as a tool throughout their process of connecting and staying engaged with leads through text message, email, and incorporating them into the student tour experience.

Episode 1 – How to become a Student 

This episode clearly lines out the simple steps it takes to become a student. Showcasing how easy it is and that J-Tech is there every step of the way. We see this episode being used in the very beginning of an admissions process. 

Episode 2 – Financial Aid

The Financial Aid episode outlines the steps of the Financial Aid process and quells any fears or misnomers regarding the process. This includes how to prepare, what to expect, and the required documents that will be needed for the process.

Episode 3 – Parental Involvement

Parental Involvement episode should be used to educate both the potential student as well as their family in terms of what to expect and know for signing up for financial aid.

Episode 4 – Graduate Employment

Showcases the years of work and relationship building that J-Tech has done. This video is to be used to display the fact that J-Tech students are very likely to find a job, because of the relationships that J-Tech has built. J-Tech is a trusted training facility.

Episode 5 – Military & Veterans  

This video showcases the support level of veterans from J-Tech, thanking them for their service, providing them with guidance every step of the way. To be used with veterans and families of veterans. 

 If you’re interested in a series-based video project, please reach out to us using the contact form.

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