Our Virtual Experience With Adobe MAX

Our Virtual Experience With Adobe Max

We’ve all made shifts this year to accommodate the necessary precautions. Most often that’s met with groans and eye rolls, but for once it actually garnered applause. Because of the current climate, Adobe announced its Adobe MAX event would be completely free for all through a virtual experience. Insert your celebratory meme of choice (we had plenty). Our creative team was excited, to say the least! We worked with our account executives in advance to ensure all of our client needs were met and then took a couple of afternoons to dive head-first into the various sessions. Each creative was encouraged to scour the catalog and craft their perfect afternoons with the sessions that spoke to their creative soul. It was like Christmas came early!

Backing up for a moment, for those who are unaware, Adobe MAX is a multi-day event where thousands of designers, developers, creatives, and business executives come together (in-person prior to this year) to learn about the latest technologies and trends in the industry from Adobe experts and their peers. It provides opportunities for conversation and collaboration and gives a glimpse into how creatives and professionals thrive in various industries. This year was no different, outside of the event being held 100% virtually and open gratis for all to attend. Want to check it out for yourself? You can watch replays of 400+ speakers and over 50 hours of creative content, free, at their site!

Our creative team’s as diverse as they come, with interests spanning many creative fields, and MAX was able to deliver for all of us. Here’s a couple of highlights:

Video and Motion Graphics

Members of our video and motion graphics team focused heavily on the labs and workshops involving Premiere and After Effects. They were thrilled to learn workflow efficiencies that immediately saved time and gave them more of those minutes to focus on the creative aspects of their work. They also really enjoyed the live community chats during sessions that allowed them to connect with creatives from around the world. It reinforced that sense of community they felt had been lacking with everyone being forced to keep their distance.

Graphic Design

Members of our graphic design team picked up many new tips, tricks, and shortcuts from presenters for various applications. What really inspired them was hearing from artists speaking about their own personal and professional experiences in the field. Even though they work in different mediums they found common themes of motivation, discipline, and overcoming challenges that were able to transcend the digital barriers and provide refreshing perspectives.

Photography, Illustration, Motion Graphics, and Creative

Other members of our graphic design team were excited to sample a little of everything including the photography, illustration, motion graphics, and general creative sessions. They shared how the software allows so many different paths to be taken to achieve the same result that watching someone else approach a problem can help refine their craft and spur new ideas. They said they really enjoyed sessions on stop-motion photography and illustration on the new iPad that made them want to immediately get out equipment and start playing.

Sometimes we get so focused on completing a task that we forget to stoke our own fires, and Adobe MAX was the perfect opportunity to get genuinely excited and reignite our passions. Engaging in professional events and collaborative environments is an important part of staying relevant and fresh in any field, and especially in the creative field. We want to bring the best to our clients, and sometimes that means putting work aside and getting back to the things that make our hearts flutter. Our team has already been able to apply things they learned to create fresh content for clients with greater efficiency, and we’re just scratching the surface. We’re constantly evolving as innovation and advancement in technologies drive our industry forward, and we look forward to our clients and their customers reaping those rewards!

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