American Advertising Federation of Southwest Florida Gets A Recharged Website

AAF-SWFL website launch

New Website for AAF of SWFL Celsius Marketing Interactive is excited to announce the launch of a new website for the American Advertising Federation of Southwest Florida. Our team is very happy to have worked on developing this website by helping bring our client’s vision to life. Some of the new additions to the website […]

New Website for Coastal Pet Cremation

Coastal Pet Cremations Website Launch

Celsius Marketing | Interactive is delighted to announce the launch of a new website for Coastal Pet Cremation, located right in our backyard here in sunny Southwest Florida. As a new business in the area that is family-run, an optimized and efficient website was essential to building a solid foundation. We teamed up with Coastal […]

Our Virtual Experience With Adobe MAX

Our Virtual Experience With Adobe Max

We’ve all made shifts this year to accommodate the necessary precautions. Most often that’s met with groans and eye rolls, but for once it actually garnered applause. Because of the current climate, Adobe announced its Adobe MAX event would be completely free for all through a virtual experience. Insert your celebratory meme of choice (we […]

Education Showcase: Using Video to Connect to High School Leads

If you’re in the education business, connecting with high school leads can have its challenges; using video to connect Not only do you need to speak and appeal to the high school student but also their parents or guardians.  In this education showcase, we will show you how one school created a video series to […]

Top Tips for Increasing Organic Engagement on Social Media

Top Tips for Increasing Organic Engagement on Social Media

We all know how important it is to capture and keep the attention of our audience on social media but getting them to engage… well that’s another story. Lucky for you, we came up with some top tips to help you increase organic engagement on social media. Let’s start by going over what exactly engagement […]

What is GIF Engine Optimization?

The Changing Climate of Marketing If you are looking to add value to your marketing strategy, knowing what GIF Engine Optimization is and how to use it can help. In the world of marketing, one must be adaptable to the rapid changing climate of the digital space. Over the years, communication on the web has […]

What is TikTok and How You Can Use It for Your Business

What is TikTok and How You Can You Use It for Your Business?

A question often asked nowadays is what is TikTok? And how can you use it for business? Video is continuing to show the world why it is king. Business and brands are all looking for new and creative ways to get their content into the hands of consumers. TikTok has stepped up to the challenge […]

Ogden Telephone Gets New Website

Ogden Telephone Website

Ogden Telephone Company provides internet, cable, and telephone services to the Boone and Ogden, Iowa area. They have been providing quality communication services since 1904. But it was time that their digital web presence was updated to reflect their recent focus on expansion and community growth. A core focus for the Ogden Telephone website was […]

Advent Air Conditioning’s New Website

Advent Air Conditioning Website

Celsius Marketing is excited to share the launch of Advent Air Conditioning’s new website. The challenge with this website project was to overcome sharing value information with their audiences in a more engaging way. The team at Celsius Marketing worked hard to balance the content on the site with a refreshed brand image. Refining their […]

A Sign of the “Virtual” Times

Celsius Virtual Happy Hour

The COVID-19 virus pandemic has certainly made an impact across the globe. It has dramatically changed the lives of so many. With that, we have all seen and experienced a massive shift to the virtual world…GoTo Meetings, Zoom gatherings with family and friends, virtual classrooms, and the list goes on. While it has been mixture […]

Celsius Wins at 2019 ADDY Awards

Celsius Marketing at The ADDYs The American Advertising Awards (ADDY) is one of the industry’s largest creative competitions, attracting nearly 35,000 professional and student entries each year through local club competitions. On February 29th, the AAF-SWFL held the American Advertising Awards Gala with a Mad Men and Women theme.  Agencies from the area gathered to […]

Daytona College Gets A Brand New Look

Daytona College Website

We are honored to be partnered with Daytona College since 2013. Over the years we have enjoyed a number of successes together. Most recent, a brand refresh and a new website. Celsius Marketing did build and design Daytona College’s previous website, but that was years ago. The times called for fresh new look and experience […]